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Tyre Sizes

There are two main purposes of the writing that you'll see on the sidewall of your tyres:

1. To help identify the size and specification of the tyres correctly.
2. To confirm that the tyre has been tested and approved to European and other country safety standards.

The European mandatory is known as 'E' marking. See diagram explaining each part of the tyre reference.

Although not illegal, it is not recommended to have tyres with a lower speed rating or load capacity than the manufacturer recommended tyre specification for your vehicle, or to have a combination of different tyre construction types. Consult your vehicle handbook, which will confirm your vehicles tyre speed and load ratings as well as any additional requirements.

Tyre Markings

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Speed Index

The speed symbol indicates the speed at which the tyre can carry the load corresponding with its load index. For specific speed rating details see below.

Speed Index

Load Index

The load index is a numerical code, which corresponds to the maximum load a tyre can carry at the speed indicated by its speed symbol, under specific service conditions. For specific load index details see below.

Load Index

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